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Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet - Network # IP Range Broadcast.0.1-. Subnetting Questions 22 | Calculate Subnet Mask from IP Subnetting Questions 22. What subnet mask would you use for the network, such that you can get 40 subnets and 840 hosts per subnet? Solution. Hence, the IP Address starts from 172 it indicates it is a Class B Address. By default, in Class B Address 16 bits are reserved for the network and 16 bits are reserved for the host. Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet - 122 rows

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How to manually convert CIDR to IP ranges, subnet, network To find the subnet mask we shall convert the subnet mask in bits to octets as shown below: Subnet Mask (in bits): 11111111. 11111111. 11111100.00000000 Subnet Mask: (Subnet Mask) Now to find the network ID convert all the host bits of the … Subnet Mask - Cisco Community

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May 29, 2001 If 22 in this subnetting is possible, then "/22" mentioned in question is subnet mask in CIDR notation. In dot decimal notation, it is So "" has no relevance to the question "what would be the subnet mask". If the question is about whether is a vali