Configure RADIUS Server Authentication

RADIUS (3GPP) | Developing Solutions Your RADIUS message flow can be customized using our SmartMessageElement feature. SmartMessageElement allows custom message components to be defined and inserted into messages as needed, and provides the ability to include vendor-specific or other optional components in RADIUS messages. Connection Request Processing | Microsoft® Docs May 22, 2020 RADIUS - Examples - Tutorialspoint

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The RADIUS protocol, defined in RFC 2865 does not support unsolicited messages from the RADIUS server to access devices such as a WLAN AN device. Under some circumstances, it may be desirable for a network administrator to make changes in session characteristics without requiring the access device to initiate an exchange. Troubleshooting RADIUS Server or Client Issues

Connection Request Processing | Microsoft® Docs

Secret: Pre-shared key provisioned to the authenticator devices and the RADIUS server. This provides authentication between the two types of devices ensuring RADIUS message integrity. Authentication port: The port in which RADIUS authentication messages are to be sent and received by authenticator and RADIUS server devices. RADIUS Authentication