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But what's next for Windows Phone? Newer phones will come out with better processors. So what is next? I was hoping if anyone knows anything about bringing the Desktop to the Windows Phone platform? After playing a game for a long time on my Lumia Icon, the screen gets hot. We know exactly why Windows Phone failed | TechnoBuffalo Myserson says creating Windows Phone was “incredibly challenging” because, although the experience was unique, Android was a disruptor in the industry. What’s next for Myerson is unknown Windows 10 Includes the Next Version of Windows Phone Microsoft previewed the next generation of its Windows operating system, dubbed Windows 10, at an event in San Francisco this week. While most of the Redmond company’s unveiling catered to the traditional desktop, it did share one bit of news pertinent to smartphone users: When it arrives next year, the update will encompass the next iteration of Windows Phone too. Surface Phone: 2018 is the release date of the Windows Phone

Microsoft's Gabe Aul has confirmed that the next Windows 10 preview build for phones will support the Lumia 930 and Icon, "but it will take a little longer" before the new build is available.

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Most of the time, the question of upgrading to the next version of Windows 10 is more-or-less academic. Win10 bulls want to get the new bits as soon as they’re available.

It was already release last May 2019: version 1903. This was a SIGNIFICANT upgrade. Along with constant incremental upgrades, microsoft has been doing big upgrades to windows 10 every year since its release, and major upgrades about every 2–3 year Windows Phone - Stories Windows Phone puts people first with one-touch access to friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. This newsroom provides the latest product news, articles and reviews, event resources, and other press materials about Windows Phones. Next build of Windows 10 for phones coming Tuesday