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10 Tips To Stay Safe Online | As well as anti-virus software, there are many other good ideas to ensure safe online shopping on websites and through social media, doing online banking, and put a stop to identity theft to ensure online safety. Password Development. Passwords act as gateway keys to our Internet-based accounts and they can help you stay safe online. How To Stay Safe Online: Top 10 Tips Establish Secure Connections. Image Source: Next on our list of tips to stay safe online is about carefully addressing the web address of the website you’re visiting. Make sure you see that tiny lock icon in the address bar or look whether the website name is starting with “Http” or “Https”. How To Stay Safe Online: 10 Tips for Teens | Digital Detox Keeping your accounts safe online starts with choosing secure passwords with a mix of symbols, numbers and capital letters. Never share your passwords with anyone, even friends. 5. Never reveal personal information. Anyone that knows you well, will never need to ask for personal information like your address or school online. Never give out this information and be wary of who is asking for it – …

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15 Ways to Stay Safe Online - Your AAA Network It’s vital that Americans stay aware about the latest cyber threats and on top of ways to stay safe online. AAA offers the following tips: 1. Use secure passwords. When creating a password, use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Avoid using words in the dictionary or personal information, such as your Social Security number or

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