Jun 18, 2017 · YouTube is a place for videos, lots and lots of videos. Some are informative, some funny and some offensive. But nothing comes close to those hilarious videos that get age restricted. We have compiled a list of 10 age restricted videos on YouTube that will make you laugh your heart out. Here are 10 hilarious age restricted videos on YouTube: 1.

Nov 14, 2019 · 2nd Trick to Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube. If the above method doesn’t work for you. Then there is another method on how to watch age-restricted videos on youtube. If a site embeds an Age-restricted video on his site then you will not require to login to watch this video. It is a small loophole of Youtube’s age restriction method. This feature was introduced by YouTube in 2010 to control and limit the reach of videos if it has vulgar language, violence or disturbing clips, or adult content. Although most videos not suitable for YouTube community gets deleted automatically but the videos which not appropriate for certain sections of users are marked as age restricted content by the YouTube review team which also acts Restricted Mode allows users to filter out "potentially mature content" on YouTube using things like titles, descriptions, metadata, and age restrictions — though it's worth noting that these Age restriction (set by YouTube) Learn more about age-restricted content or content made for kids. Ad suitability (eligible creators only) If you’re a monetizing creator, you’ll see a message in the “Restrictions” column if your video is running limited or no ads due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers.

you can look for age restricted videos if your younger than 18. If you do find an age restricted video then sign in. if your younger than 18, you can change your age, and make your public age to 18+. after you are 18+ you can access your age-restr

Downloading age restricted videos with the gui/exe version? I'm using the gui version of the program and i've entered my username and password after making a new account (which has age restriction turned off). i didn't want to use my regular youtube account of course.

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