How to Access Facebook in China (3 Methods). The easiest, most secure and reliable way of circumventing the Great Firewall to access Facebook in China is by using a VPN or “Virtual Private Network” (here’s an updated list of my recommended VPNs), but you can also trial free and paid proxy sites or download the Tor bundle for browsing.

Guides to Unblock Facebook in China. Before you read the steps, let us tell you something important. Some VPN websites are filtered by the Chinese government almost every day, and hence there may be a possibility that some of these websites are not working anymore. I knew how to reach Google USA from China with no censorship or VPN need. Someone else post it here a while back, and about 3 days after did not work anymore, it was banned. This is China. Do not become a salmon swimming upstream just to die when you get there. Buy a VPN and then enjoy Facebook. Oh, something else, please wake up to where you are. Here are some useful methods to understand how to unblock Facebook site. 4 Tested ways to unblock Facebook Well! If you are also facing the above mentioned issue, then here we go with the proven answers to your queries. Let’s see how you can unblock FB and use it as usual. Solution 1: Using VPN to unblock Facebook The first and best method to Apr 22, 2020 · Part 2. How to Unblock Someone on Facebook on Computer. If you use Facebook on computer, you can follow steps below to unblock someone on Facebook on your Windows or Mac. Step 1. Go to, and sign in your account. Step 2. Click drop down arrow in the top-right side of the Facebook window, and click Settings. Unblock WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many more for when you're visiting China here are the best China VPN services in 2020 Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter (Image credit: Future) Nov 24, 2013 · China To Unblock Facebook For A Small Group Of People: Report Reuters SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Facebook , Twitter and other websites deemed sensitive and blocked by the Chinese government will be accessible in a planned free-trade zone (FTZ) in Shanghai, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday. Facebook, Instagram unblock Sikh hashtag after nearly three months The issue surfaced on the social media platforms after the users, including Sikh organisation based in the western countries

Oct 09, 2016 · China has blocked all social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and has done so since 2009 when riots broke out Xinjiang. Peaceful protests started by Uighurs, China’s Muslim minority, which turned into violent riots caused the government to clamp down fully.

Jul 27, 2019 · The only way to unblock WhatsApp and use it in China without restrictions is to set up a VPN on your smartphone. What are the alternatives to WhatsApp in China? Given that Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, Line and other popular apps are also blocked in China, you mainly have 2 alternatives.

If you’ve been to Unblock Facebook in China .info before, you know that things change frequently. It seems that right when I updated the site to include all the VPN services that had recovered nicely from the March 2011 blocks, VPN sites started going down again.

Unblock China We had high hopes that China would lift the Facebook ban at least in the free trade zone, however, China still has it blocked behind the great firewall. China lifts ban on Facebook (but only within a 17-mile zone) Oct 22, 2019 · Facebook and other foreign internet companies are blocked in China, and Facebook's efforts to court China have been rebuffed. Meanwhile, homegrown services such as TikTok, WeChat, Sina Weibo and